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Mono booms and Long Reach booms

Boforce is a supplier of all types and sizes of fronts for all machine brands from 1.5 to 200 tons. Boforce is a company with vast knowledge and experience in the field of construction machinery. With over 30 years experience in similar construction work, no problem is too big for Boforce. We manufacture standard booms and long fronts, but in particular our real specialty is in particular the construction of custom's applications.

All new equipment is drawn in 3D and will be calculated by means of a FEM-programme (Finite Element Method). Based on the results of the calculation the manufacture material (standard or high strength steel) of the boom is determined and, if necessary, the boom will be stress-relieved.


This is a movie of the EX1200 Long Reach with 26m reach. Boom: 15mtr, Stick: 11.3m