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Two Piece Booms

Boforce is a supplier of all types and sizes of fronts for all machine brands from 1.5 to 200 tons. There has been much demand for triple booms for machines between 70 and 160 tons during the last couple of years. This is among others, one of the reasons we have been able to specialise in manufacturing 2-piece booms. In total we have made more than 25 complete sets of 3-piece fronts for among others the Caterpillar 375, 385, 390, Hitachi ZX870 and EX1200. No boom is too heavy for our lifting capacity of 50 tonnes.

All new equipment is drawn in 3D and will be calculated with a FEM-programme (Finite Element Method). Based on the results of the calculation the manufacture material (standard or high strength steel) of the boom is determined and, if necessary, the boom will be stress-relieved.


Project: 3x Triple front for CAT390D with extra counterweight, 21m reach bucketpin. One Machine is built in the Netherlands, the others are assembled on location.